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CloudStack has many users who use the open source CloudStack project and some who are also commercially supported by Citrix. Hear why these companies have chosen to use CloudStack to power their private and public cloud computing environments. 

CloudStack powers GoDaddy's Virtual Data Center cloud computing service. 

Go Daddy is the world's largest domain name provider, Web hosting provider and new SSL provider, focused on helping small businesses grow larger. Go Daddy provides dozens of cloud-based services and is the largest worldwide mass-market hosting provider by annual revenue according to Tier1 Research (Mass-Market Hosting Report-Winter 2011) and is the #1 provider of net-new SSL certificates for 2011, according to the Netcraft, LTD Secure Server Survey.





Datapipe offers a single provider solution for managing and securing mission-critical IT services, including cloud computing, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, colocation and data centers.  Datapipe delivers those services from the world’s most influential technical and financial markets including New York metro, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai. For more information about Datapipe visit

Sign up for a free test drive of Datapipe's 10 Gig Stratosphere® Cloud Platform built on Apache CloudStack




Edmunds Inc. publishes three Web sites that empower, engage and educate automotive consumers, enthusiasts and insiders. Our Web sites consist of (launched in 1995 as the first automotive information Web site), Inside Line (launched in 2005 and the most-read automotive enthusiast Web site) and (launched in 2007 to provide insightful automotive industry commentary and analysis). uses CloudStack to power it's private cloud initiative.


Korea’s largest landline operator and mobile service provider run’s the country’s largest private cloud with’s Cloudstack.

“Cloud computing is the right technology to accomplish this and we hope to be the leading player in the Korean market. In selecting our cloud management platform, we sought a technology solution that provided us with automation tools, a scalable architecture and secure multi-tenancy all wrapped in an open source license and community model. We believe that’s innovative platform is the right solution for KT.” - Jung-sik Suh, the head of Cloud Services Business Unit at KT

Learn more about KT and it's uCloud cloud offering here.


Tata Communications is a leading global provider of a new world of communications. With a leadership position in emerging markets, Tata Communications leverages its advanced solutions capabilities and domain expertise across its global and pan-India network to deliver managed solutions to multi-national enterprises, service providers and Indian consumers.

Tata’s new innovative cloud computing service, InstaCompute, provides secure and elastic, on-demand computing and storage resources. The Tata Global Network includes one of the most advanced and largest submarine cable networks, a Tier-1 IP network, with connectivity to more than 200 countries across 400 PoPs, and nearly one million square feet of data center and collocation space worldwide.

Tata Communications chose because of its ability to get the organization to market with a highly scalable and reliable cloud platform that enables it to address the growing demand for affordable and global cloud computing services. Additionally, India has a highly price-sensitive market, and was able to not only hit the price point required but help us go from production to market in less than nine months.”

Learn more about Tata InstaCompute or sign up for an account here.



IDC Frontier Inc. provides data centers solutions. It offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service); co-location services, which include housing and other data centers solutions; hosting services, which include data centers solutions to support e-business; security services; IP address/domain name registration services; network services; and service level agreement services. IDC Frontier Inc. is based in Tokyo, Japan, and as of February 2nd, 2009, operates as a subsidiary of Yahoo Japan Corporation.

“We chose CloudStack based on the comprehensiveness of the solution and its ability to help us deliver to market a reliable, cost-effective solution our customers need. As the first Japanese company to implement CloudStack, we hope to further solidify our role in innovating and driving Japan’s cloud adoption.” - Ichiro Nakayama, division director of Business Development at IDCF

Learn more about IDC Frontier and the NOAH public cloud project here.


Nokia Research Center (NRC) solves scientific challenges to transform the converging Internet and communications industries – collaborating with leading universities and research institutes worldwide in the mode of Open Innovation.


Headquartered in Iceland, GreenQloud is Truly Green™ because it is 100% powered by renewable geothermal and hydropower energy. Being Truly Green means that GreenQloud doesn't need to compromise in computing power and will always strive to use the best hardware available. GreenQloud is also uniquely situated right between Europe and North America and can deliver hosting and storage for both markets from one place due to the multiple high speed fiber connections to Iceland.

Gearing up to launch in 2011, GreenQloud uses's open source CloudStack platform as the foundation to their public cloud.

Sign up for their beta and learn more here.


Logicworks provides cloud computing and managed hosting to some of the world’s most popular websites and applications for clients including Dow Jones, Starwood Hotels, Major League Baseball, Radar Online, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. Logicworks offers a range of solutions beginning with infiniCloud, a pay-by-the-hour public cloud service. As client needs grow, Logicworks enables migration into private clouds, complex managed hosting, and enterprise solutions. For specialized industries including media, healthcare and finance, Logicworks provides custom solutions focused on content delivery, managed database services, and compliant hosting. Combining innovative approaches to technology with an 18-year track record in the hosting industry, Logicworks is the ideal partner for mission-critical online projects.

“CloudStack provided us with a proven cloud management platform that enabled us to get to market quickly with a more feature-rich solution than the majority of our competitors. In just a few short months, we already have several satisfied enterprise clients, including NBC, Lagardere, and Kaplan, running production applications in infiniCloud.” - Kenneth Ziegler, President and COO at Logicworks.

Learn more about infiniCloud and sign up for an account here.


Hokkaido University, founded in 1876, is one of the oldest national universities in Japan with approximately 2,000 faculties, 10,000 undergraduate and 6,000 graduate students. The university has 18 graduate schools and 29 research institutes and centers which lead academic research projects. Last year, prof. Akira Suzuki, professor emeritus of the university, won the Nobel prize in chemistry 2010. Information initiative center (IIC) of the university is one of the Japanese national supercomputing center, which provides supercomputing, cloud computing, and networking services to all the universities in Japan.

“Through the collaboration with Hitachi, Ltd.,We chose CloudStack because of its open source structure and innovation, in addition to its ability to deliver the capability to build and deploy this compute cloud, the first of its kind in Japan.” - Dr. Masaharu Munetomo, associate professor in the Information Initiative Center at Hokkaido University.


Appcore is a global business information systems provider with over 20 years of experience in the software industry. Appcore technology includes a suite of products that produce a private cloud computing platform, which ensures customers are receiving the solutions they need to meet growing business demands. Appcore technology includes a private cloud computing platform, the global Appcore Cloud Network, Appcore Second Site for disaster recovery, and Appcore Cloud Onsite, which allows enterprises to run the platform behind its firewall or in any of Appcore’s global clouds.

“CloudStack has the benefits of open source, transparency and flexibility, while also enabling us to deliver the reliable solution that is needed at half the cost to our customers.With, Appcore is able to provide traditional hosted services and merge it with the cloud to provide the best of both worlds, security and reliability with all the speed and agility cloud computing has to offer.” - Brian Patrick Donaghy, CEO at Appcore.

Learn more about Appcore and their innovative cloud platform here.




Instance Cloud Computing offers instant deployment, two levels of failover, instant recovery and instant scalability. Instance Cloud Computing provides an easy-to-use, extremely powerful and feature-rich platform. Instance Cloud Computing configurations are virtually limitless and enable customers to build, deploy and manage simple or complex environments in minutes. Multiple levels of high availability create an entirely new and incredibly reliable platform on which to build business environments.

“Our selection of CloudStack started with the people and flowed into the product. The people at were great from the start and we could tell they had as much genuine interest in us as we did in them. As the relationship matured, so did the product. We were sold on the roadmap, the underlying technologies, and the expertise of the CloudStack team, and the potential of CloudStack was astounding compared to anything else we looked at. Our relationship is very much a collaboration, which ensures its success.” -John Cunningham, CEO at 1-800-HOSTING.





One of the initial CloudStack users, CloudCentral is one of Australia's leading dedicated, cloud computing companies. Cloud Central is focused on delivering scalable cloud computing to customer's on a pay-as0you-go basis in Australia, and is providing local support, high performance infrastructure, high availability and dozens of other great features.

Learn more about Cloud Central here.


Appica provides ground-breaking public and private cloud services and storage services, allowing enterprises to add server instances as needed, manage storage capacity, and gain access to enterprise features that will improve the performance of business applications. selected CloudStack for its ability to easily integrate with both commodity solutions and next-generation hardware, allowing the company to concentrate on adding value and differentiating Appica.

“CloudStack provides us with the reliable, easy-to-use solution we need to meet customer demands. With its amazing flexibility, it also allowed us to build the right cloud for the market in a cost-effective manner, and continue to enhance our cloud offerings and accelerate our time-to-market.” - Aaron Larkins, CEO at




Since 1996, Internetworks is the leader in Internet and Hosting services within Mexico and Central America.  With over 20,000 clients spanning the region, Internetworks has recently launched an innovative cloud service based on CloudStack.


The Digiweb Group is a full-service multi-national communications and managed services operator providing converged telecoms services and hosting to enterprise & wholesale clients and consumer markets across Europe. Founded in 1997 and with head offices in Dublin, Digiweb is a full-service national communications and managed services provider. It provides nationwide broadband access, enterprise data networks, data centre and web hosting services, managed services and telephony to residential, business and public sector customers. By virtue of its national wireless network and satellite services, Digiweb owns and operates Ireland’s largest alternative last-mile access network.

An early pioneer in cloud computing services across the UK, Ireland and Belgium, Digiweb chose CloudStack as the foundation for their cloud offerings.



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