Build a Cloud Day: LinuxCon Europe 2012

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Avinguda de Rius i Taulet, 1, 08004 Barcelona, Spain

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13:30-14:00 Sebastien Goasguen "CloudStack 4.0 is here or should be soon"

• Abstract: The first Apache release of CloudStack should be out before this talk. We will review the steps taken by the community to make this release and highlight the new features. We will also introduce DevCloud and Marvin to little known gems of CloudStack. • Bio: Sebastien is a cloud evangelist who left academia to join the fun of Cloud computing in Industry. He works for Citrix on Apache CloudStack

14:00-14:30 Geoff Higginbottom "CloudStack deployments, Lessons Learned"

• Abstract: An introduction to building IaaS clouds with cloudstack, Geoff will draw on numerous real world cloud build outs to discuss the approach & best practices When building a scalable iaas cloud based on Apache CloudStack. • Bio: Geoff is the CTO of ShapeBlue a CloudStack integrator based in London. He has designed and built some of the worlds largest clouds and is a leading global authority on apache cloudstack

14:30- 15:00 Kris Buytaert, "What's this #devops thing anyhow .. shining a light in the darkness"

• Abstract: We've come a long way since introducing new ideas in server automation and deployment, and also in creating a culture of collaboration between the traditional silos in organizations. But how does this impact the traditional drupal and sysadmin world? Are we all a DevOps now? What's this devops thing, why is it important and how will we get there" • Bio: Kris Buytaert is a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant. He's one of instigators of the devops movement, currently working for Inuits

15:00-15:15 Break

15:15 - 15:45 James, Duncan, "It Grows"

• Abstract: Data growth seems inevitable, and as it does the tools and techniques we use to manage the data become more complex. Despite these improvements, somewhere between storing nothing, and everything is a place we, as IT practitioners feel comfortable. However, as big data technologies become more accessible we can ask questions of the data that we couldn't ask before, and the questions we can ask are limited only by the data that we store. Why don't we just store everything? And what might we discover if we did? James asks these questions and explores the future by examining the past, while introducing the Ceph storage system as a solution to some of our data storage needs. • Bio: James is an entrepreneur, a technologist, a gardner, and a skier. James joined Inktank to help redefine the big storage landscape through the Ceph storage system. Prior to joining Inktank as the CTO, James was the CTO of World Wide Sales at Joyent, the co-founder of Reasonably Smart, the CIO at a subsidiary of Canon Europe and a founding member of multiple startups. James has been contributing to books, publications, and conferences for over a decade, and spends far too much time on airplanes.

15:45 - 18:00 Open Space Discussion

Meeting room location: Lanzarote room, 2nd floor, Hotel Fira Palace


Citrix supports the open source community via developer support and evangeslism. We have a number of developers and evangelists that participate actively in the open source community in Apache Cloudstack, OpenDaylight, Xen Project and XenServer. We also conduct educational activities via the Build A Cloud events held all over the world.