CloudStack Bootcamp Training Course - Santa Clara, CA

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Santa Clara, CA, USA

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CloudStack Bootcamp Training Course - Santa Clara, CA

This fast paced two day training course held by ShapeBlue will give you the core skills needed to build and operate your CloudStack™ cloud. Our instructors all have real-world CloudStack™ implementation experience and are regular contributors to the Apache CloudStack™ project.
The course is a combination of instructor led learning and hands-on labs.This course is based on version 4.1 of Apache CloudStack™ but is also relevant for Citrix CloudPlatform? 3.x
•What is CloudStack?
 •The CloudStack UI
 •CloudStack Architecture
 •The CloudStack Networking models
 •System VM’s (including the virtual router)
 •Using VMware with CloudStack
 •Using XenServer with CloudStack
 •Adding Zones, Pods, Clusters and Hosts
 •Primary Storage
 •Secondary Storage
 •Creating Service Offerings
 •Domains, Accounts and Users

 •Notifications and Thresholds
 •Allocation Algorithms
 •VM Deployment and Management
 •Managing Volumes
 •Managing Templates & ISOs
 •Virtual Private Cloud
 •Working with the CloudStack API
 •Working with the CloudStack database
 •The Apache CloudStack community

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Citrix supports the open source community via developer support and evangeslism. We have a number of developers and evangelists that participate actively in the open source community in Apache Cloudstack, OpenDaylight, Xen Project and XenServer. We also conduct educational activities via the Build A Cloud events held all over the world.