CloudStack + Riak CS: Building a Complete Private Cloud

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Santa Clara, CA, USA

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  • John Burwell, Consulting Engineer at Basho Technologies will present an overview of private cloud system architecture best practices and their implementation using Apache CloudStack ( and Riak CS (  The talk will cover the following topics: 

    1. Why Private Cloud?
    2. Anatomy of a Private Cloud
    3. Building a CloudStack Compute Offering
    4. Large Object Storage using Riak CS
    5. Your Own Private Cloud: The Riak CS CloudStack Integration Roadmap


    John Burwell is a Consulting Engineer at Basho Technologies -- makers of the open source Riak distributed key value database and open source Riak CS object store. He is also a member of the Apache CloudStack PMC focused on storage architecture and security integration.  An incurable chocoholic, John has spent the last 15 years designing and building distributed systems to solve physical security, cloud provisioning, and supply chain problems.

    Pizza and beer will be provided along with Riak cool swag.

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