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European CloudStack User Group Meetup

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London, UK

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European CloudStack User Group Meetup

CloudStack European User Group meeting

23 January 2013 13:00-17:00, London

Please arrive between promptly. A pizza lunch will be served and we will have a few beers in the pub after the event.


Giles Sirett -  A round up of CloudStack Collab 2013

The recent CloudStack Collaboration conference in Amsterdam had nearly 100 sessions of amazing CloudStack content. 

Giles will give a summary of the best talks from the conference from the developer, user and commercial tracks.

Donal Lafferty - Developing hyper-V integration for CloudStack

For the last 12 months Donal has been working on developing Hyper-V integration for CloudStack.

Donal will talk through his development work to integrate “the last hypervisor”, the lessons learnt and the drivers behind this project.

Arjan Eriks – CloudStack at SchubergPhilis

Arjan will talk about the landscapes in which SchubergPhilis use cloud in general and CloudStack in particular. And what choices Schuberg Philis has made to come to this point.

Paul Angus - Using Ansible in a cloudstack environment.

Puppet and Chef have been become the dominant configuration management tools in most cloud environments. Many people think Ansible now presents a much more sys-admin focussed alternative to these established technologies. Paul will have a look at the use-cases for Ansible with CloudStack and walk some real-world examples of using Ansible

Sebastien Goasguen -Hands-on contribution to the CloudStack documentation

Many people new to an open-source project find the idea of contributing code a daunting prospect. However, keeping the product documentation up to date is just as valuable to the projects long term success and is open for anybody to contribute to. Sebastien will give an overview of the Cloudstack documentation, and show just how easy it is for any user of Cloudstack to contribute.


Trend Micro, 2 Kingdom Street, London, W2 6BD

Directions to venue:

Nearest tube: Paddington

Its super easy to get to our building from Paddington Station (if you know where you’re going). Just walk down platform 8 until you get to the end and follow signs to the Hammersmith & City line. Just before the Hammersmith & City tube barriers, there is an exit for Grand Union Canal. Walk up the stairs and you’ll see signs for Kingdom street. Turn left and just follow the signs for Kingdom Street. We are @ Two Kingdom Street past all the shops and eating places but before the Novotel hotel.

About the speakers:

Giles Sirett

Giles is CEO & founder of ShapeBlue, the leading independent CloudStack integrator & consultancy. He is also Chairman of the European Cloudstack User Group. He has worked with many high-profile organisations, helping them strategise , design and implement CloudStack based clouds. Giles is a Committer on the Apache CloudStack project and has spoken all 3 CloudStack Collaboration conferences, “Build an Open-source Cloud days” and many other events on the subject. When not boring his friends about CloudStack, Giles can be heard regularly boring people about his quest to become British Masters 100m freestyle champion.

Donal Lafferty

Donal is a Senior Software Development Engineer from Cloud Research & Integration at Citrix Systems.

Arjan Eriks

For the last 8 years, Arjan has worked at SchubergPhilis on implementing and running flexible and high available application landscapes. For this, different levels of IaaS solutions are used. CloudStack is a major weapon of choice in SchubergPhilis’ fight to battle the applications.

Paul Angus

Paul Angus is a Senior Consultant & Cloud Architect at ShapeBlue, the leading independent CloudStack integrator & consultancy. He has designed numerous CloudStack environments for customers across 4 continents, based on Apache Cloudstack ,Citrix CloudPlatform and Citrix Cloudportal. Paul has spoken at all 3 Apache Cloudstack collaboration conferences and is an active contributor to the CloudStack community. When not building Clouds, Paul likes to create scripts that build clouds……..and he very occasionally can be seen trying to hit a golf ball.

Sebastien Goasguen 

Sebastien is an Apache CloudStack committer and member of the Program Management Committee (PMC). He works in the Open Source office at Citrix where he is responsible for the EMEA activities. He has over 10 years of experience in distributed systems, grid computing and virtualization and published over 70 international publications. He contributed to Opennebula and helped design Lxcloud at CERN. Currently he works on Apache libcloud, the AWS, OCCI and CIMI efforts in CloudStack.

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Citrix supports the open source community via developer support and evangeslism. We have a number of developers and evangelists that participate actively in the open source community in Apache Cloudstack, OpenDaylight, Xen Project and XenServer. We also conduct educational activities via the Build A Cloud events held all over the world.