Linuxcon Europe: Overview on Building Open Source Cloud Computing Environmments

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Prague, Czech Republic

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Cloud Computing has been touted as an almost magical solution for changing the way enterprise IT infrastructure is deployed. Despite all the “cloudwashing” there is no magic, cloud computing still requires the same rigor in planning and design as in legacy IT architecture. The difference is that thanks to inexpensive hardware and exceptional free and open source software state-of-the-art technology is now this evolution of technology is accessible to any organization. This levels the IT playing field allowing users them to be competitive by deploying systems that are agile, scalable and adaptable to their needs. This presentation will cover the open source software that can be combined to build cloud computing environments for a variety of different uses as well as informing potential cloud users on how to choose technologies to best address the computing needs of their organization.

Mark Hinkle

Mark is the Directory of Cloud Computing Communities where he is responsible for driving all of the community efforts around the company's open source, cloud computing software and ecosystem. Previously he was VP of Community for which was acquired by Citrix in July 2011. Before that he was the force behind the Zenoss Core open source management projects adoption and community involvement, growing community membership to over 100,000 members. He is a co-founder of both the Open Source Management Consortium and the Desktop Linux Consortium, has served as Editor-in-Chief for both LinuxWorld Magazine and Enterprise Open Source Magazine, and authored the book, ""Windows to Linux Business Desktop Migration."" (Thomson, 2006). Mark is a frequent writer and blogger at and can be followed on Twitter @mrhinkle. Mark has been a featured speaker and panelist at OSCON 2010, LinuxCon 2010, SCALE 9x, Indiana LinuxFest, Cloud Connect and numerous other technical conferences.


Citrix supports the open source community via developer support and evangeslism. We have a number of developers and evangelists that participate actively in the open source community in Apache Cloudstack, OpenDaylight, Xen Project and XenServer. We also conduct educational activities via the Build A Cloud events held all over the world.