Webinar: Unified Monitoring for Citrix CloudStack™

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Webinar: Unified Monitoring for Citrix CloudStack™
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    Nov 30 2011 at 02:00 PM - Nov 30 2011 at 03:00 PM
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Join Zenoss and Citrix for a live webinar, “Unified Monitoring for Citrix CloudStack™,” to learn how to gain complete control and visibility into your cloud-based IT infrastructure.  This demo-based session will show you how:

  • Citrix CloudStack’s free and open source cloud infrastructure platform helps providers of all types deploy and manage simple, scalable, cost-effective cloud services.
  • Zenoss provides an additional level of management by tracking capacity and usage trends for the entire cloud, and alerts to changes in both physical and virtual infrastructure.
  • CloudStack can be more seamlessly integrated into an organization’s existing operations with the addition of Zenoss unified monitoring.

Bring your questions and discover how CloudStack users can get a unified view of their cloud infrastructure with Zenoss.


Mark Hinkle, Director Cloud Computing Community
Mark is the Director of Cloud Computing Community at Citrix,  where he is responsible for driving all of the community efforts around CloudStack. Mark joined Citrix as a result of the acquistion of Cloud.com. Before that he was the force behind the Zenoss Core open source management projects adoption and community involvement, growing community membership to over 100,000 members. He is a co-founder of both the Open Source Management Consortium and the Desktop Linux Consortium, has served as Editor-in-Chief for both LinuxWorld Magazine and Enterprise Open Source Magazine, and authored the book, "Windows to Linux Business Desktop Migration." (Thomson, 2006) Mark has also held executive positions at a number of technology start-ups, including Earthlink, (previously MindSpring)--where he was the head of the technical support organization recognized by PC Computing and PC World as the best in the industry--Win4Lin and Emu Software.

David Nalley, Community Manager CloudStack
David as been a system administrator for ten years and acted as a consultant for an additional three years. Currently is the community manager for the open source CloudStack project, David also contributes to a number of free software projects, including the Fedora Project and the Sugar Labs 4th grade math project. In the Fedora Project David maintains numerous software packages, is a sponsor for new packagers in Fedora, and serves on the Fedora Project Board. David is a frequent author for development, sysadmin, and Linux magazines and is frequently found speaking at IT and F/LOSS conferences.

Chet Luther, Manager, Zenoss Labs
Chet Luther has been in the systems, network and security administration business for the last ten years. Throughout his career, he has always struggled with the difficulty of using open tools for monitoring heterogeneous environments across all layers. These days he works with the Zenoss community and customers 20 devices to 50,000 devices in size to find better solutions to their network management woes.


Citrix supports the open source community via developer support and evangeslism. We have a number of developers and evangelists that participate actively in the open source community in Apache Cloudstack, OpenDaylight, Xen Project and XenServer. We also conduct educational activities via the Build A Cloud events held all over the world.