TechCloud9: Analyst Commentary: Citrix clarifies its IaaS strategy

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"In April 2012 Citrix CloudStack became an Apache Software Foundation (ASF) incubator project (Apache CloudStack), licensed under the Apache software license version 2 (ASL2). From now on, Citrix will focus on CloudPlatform, the first commercial Apache CloudStack-based distribution, announced in May 2012 for delivery in June.

Taken together these initiatives reflect the growing open source software (OSS)-centricity of the IaaS market, and there is no doubt that many will continue to pitch CloudStack and OpenStack against each another. In the forthcoming report, “Open Source IaaS Cloud Ecosystems: CloudPlatform Versus OpenStack”, Ovum states that OpenStack will not be overly impacted by Citrix’s defection. On the contrary, the two initiatives may even strengthen each other. The market is large enough to accommodate both, reckons Laurent Lachal, Senior Analyst, Software - IT Solutions at research firm Ovum. "

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