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Better, Faster, Cheaper Infrastructure with Apache CloudStack and Riak CS by John Burwell

Category : Build a Cloud Day LISA '13
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Software is eating infrastructure. By pulling reliability and scalability responsibilities up the stack from hardware into software, object stores such as Basho's Riak CS and cloud orchestration platforms such as Apache CloudStack increase the utilization of compute and storage resources by dynamically shifting workloads based on demand. Together, those platforms can saturate compute and storage of 1000s of hosts with strong operational visibility and end-user self-service. This talk will cover the following topics to explore private cloud design principles and best practices: Why Private Cloud? Anatomy of a Private Cloud Building a Apache CloudStack Compute Offering Large Object Storage using Riak CS Your Own Private Cloud: The Riak CS Apache CloudStack Integration Roadmap John Burwell is a Consulting Engineer at Basho Technologies -- makers of the open source Riak distributed key value database and Riak CS object store. He also serves as a Apache CloudStack PMC member and committer focused on storage architecture and security integration. An incurable chocoholic, John has spent the last 15 years designing and building distributed systems to solve physical security, cloud provisioning, and supply chain problems. To view the presentation slides:

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