Build a Cloud Day Videos

The CloudStack community often partners with other open source and technology partners to educate users on the various components and methodologies needed to deploy cloud computing environments. These events will be posted on the CloudStack events calendar.

Additionally, we have recorded a number of these events and made the slides and videos available for the members of the open source community to view and use as they wish. 

Past topics include Puppet, Chef, Gluster, Xen Cloud Platform, CloudStack and DevOps. 

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# Article Title Date
1 Public and Private Cloud Management with Scalr Tuesday, 10 July 2012
2 Public and Private Cloud Management with Scalr Tuesday, 10 July 2012
3 Crash Course in Open Source Cloud Computing Sunday, 04 March 2012
4 Introduction to the Xen Cloud Platform Sunday, 04 March 2012
5 Distributed Petabyte Scale Cloud Storage with Gluster Sunday, 04 March 2012
6 Deploying Infrastructure-as-a-Service with CloudStack Sunday, 04 March 2012
7 Introduction to Puppet, Configuration Management and IT Automation Software Sunday, 04 March 2012
8 Introduction to Opscode Chef and Live Demo Sunday, 04 March 2012
9 Monitoring the Cloud with Zenoss Core Sunday, 04 March 2012
10 DevOps Your Competitive Advantage in the Cloud Sunday, 04 March 2012


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