Introduction to the Xen Cloud Platform

XCP combines the Xen hypervisor with enhanced security, storage, and network virtualization technologies to offer a rich set of virtual infrastructure cloud services. These XCP cloud services can beleveraged by cloud providers to enable isolation and multi-tenancy capabilities in their environments. XCP also provides the user requirements of security, availability, performance, and isolation for private and public cloud deployments.

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Speaker Bio - Todd Deshane

Todd Deshane is a technology evangelist for He began his involvement with Xen in 2003 as a graduate student at Clarkson University. Todd has published several research papers in virtualization and is a co-author of the book "Running Xen". He has also taught tutorial sessions on Xen and presented research at conferences. Todd's current role at Citrix includes testing and documenting XCP integration with cloud orchestration stacks. His interests include virtualization, computer security, open source software, information technology, and human-computer interaction.



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